Supervised Master's theses

Artour Klevin:
People, Process and Tools: A Study of Impact Analysis in a Change Process,
summary, report, March 2012.


The objectives of this master thesis is to find ways to improve efficiency and quality of the change process, with focus on Impact Analysis. At first a analysis of the working environment is done, to get a better view of the work flow in the change process. This is done to understand the context of the studied site. In this thesis we discuss problems and solutions about how software development can be enhanced with help of: processes, tools, communication, education and dissemination of knowledge in the organization.

The problems and solutions are viewed in three domains: people, process and tools. All because it is easy to fall in assumptions that a new tool will solve all the problems. Nevertheless a tool is the first step to create change in a company, with its help trust is gained and problems below surface can be addressed. The main results of this thesis are, a tool that finds simple errors and a process improvement suggestion for the Impact Analysis at the studied site. Also, problems concerning motivation, communication and education are addressed and discussed.

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