Supervised Master's theses

Jacob Kristhammar, Roger Schildmeijer:
Tool Assisted Product Configuration in Software Product Lines,
summary, report, August 2008.

This master's thesis will identify some of the problems involved with product configuration in software product lines by investigating how it is done at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. In order to fully benefit from the reuse of developed assets the variability mechanisms and asset structure must be well defined. Otherwise the derivation of products from a software product line can get very complex and difficult to manage. The number of variation points and dependencies among them give rise to problems that needs to be taken care off. Processes and responsibilities are other areas that are important in order to manage a software product line. Another issue with product configuration is to enable some level of traceability between the configured products and the system requirements to ensure that the right products are produced.

We have identified that products are configured in a bottom-up manner. We present how product configuration could be done more top-down by using variability created by the requirement engineers and product planners together will a product configuration tool.

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