Supervised Master's theses

Alexander Haraldsson:
Reaching across - managing variants of one application on multiple platforms,
summary, report, August 2015.


The number of software platforms to support in today's software projects are many and there are a wide range of differences to consider. There are tons of programming languages on the market and each platform, both mobile and desktop, have different preferences on how to develop applications; both regarding programming languages and features. This makes the development of cross platform applications very cumbersome.
The report approaches the problem from a double maintenance point of view and examines how to find commonalities and keep them in sync. It does also focus on not losing the strengths of each platform and allow them to handle some tasks differently.
The report concludes that web technology is a promising way to go to build common parts of the application. To access the platform specifics and reach the platforms strength there is a division into components and communication bridges between the programming languages are created.

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