Supervised Master's theses

Ola Hansson, Anders Svensson:
Automatic code generation with Roundtrip Engineering,
summary, report, October 2003.

During software development of distributed applications, which use the same database, there will be numerous similarities, such as structure and format. If different programs perform the same task, a function in the program, there will also be similarities in the code describing this in the application. If you can identify these functions while designing the applications and reuse the code, you could probably save a lot of time not having to rewrite the code in every new application. An insecure solution is that the developer manually inserts reusable code in the new application. The problems the new developer will face are to find the useful code in a large prewritten application and decide if the code will work in the new pplication. This will probably take longer than to rewrite the code.

A better way would be if you had a set of functions, and from your Use case description identify these and automatically generate them into your project. If this could also update the project model, you would have a very efficient and manageable tool for software development. The goal of this report is to examine if this is possible using Rational XDE combined with Visual Studio .NET, and how it could increase the efficiency of software development.

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