Supervised Master's theses

Viktor Ekholm, Fredrik Stål:
Reaching Software Development Maturity with Continuous Delivery,
summary, report, August 2013.


Having a mature software development process signifies that it has undergone certain improvements to maximize productivity while the users of the process finds it simple to work with. In this master's thesis we have studied an approach to increase the level of software development maturity on a company by analyzing key areas in three cases of software projects on the company.

Our methodology was to arrive at designed solutions by performing analysis on the domain and determine the root cause to any problems visible on the surface. We were able to find that the most important first step was to develop a template for a common process.

Based on our experiences with implementations of our proposed solutions, we also arrived at our Software Development Maturity Model, which is an experimental model on how to determine the current level of maturity, set goals for reaching higher levels and ultimately improve a development process.

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