Supervised Master's theses

Andreas Bergström:
Software Configuration Management in Scrum Projects,
summary, report, November 2008.

Software Configuration Management (SCM) is an important part of traditional software development. It keeps things under control and helps software development teams create top-quality products without chaos and confusion. The Configuration Manager is the key person that makes sure all of this happens.

Scrum is becoming a very popular project management method for agile software development. Scrum values self-organizing and cross-functional teams, and because of this, there should be no roles within the team, i.e. no designated Configuration Manager. Obvious questions that arise are: Who will handle the Configuration Management? Is it considered at all?

Since there is very little information written about SCM in Scrum projects, this thesis aims to investigate how SCM is commonly handled in a Scrum project. It will cover both the traditional SCM-activities (Configuration Identification, Configuration Control, Configuration Status Accounting and Configuration Audit) as well as more developer oriented aspects of SCM such as Version Control, Workspace-, Build-, Change-, and Release Management. It will also discuss the Configuration Manager's role in a Scrum project.

The result of the thesis are guidelines in form of checklists to help Scrum-practitioners with their SCM-functionality.

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