Supervised Master's theses

André Alm, Daniel Dornlöv:
Investigating the impact of code sharing and how to manage it,
summary, report, November 2018.


In today's software development climate the complexity of the software is rising. To achieve a higher speed of the development process and avoid having to write the same code again, while keeping the costs at a reasonable level, a rising trend is to share code between projects, teams or developers. This thesis focuses on what drives a company to start using shared code and also on what can be done both to try to solve the problems leading to code sharing but also to try and see how shared code can be supported so that it becomes as effective and efficient as possible. It became apparent that there is no silver bullet that can solve all of the problems, instead the trick is in combining solutions to form a package of tools, principles and workflows that together mitigate or lessens the problems.

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