eXtreme Teaching

Du skal sige røv, så griner folk. Så skal du give dem budskabet.
Og når de så er lige ved at kede sig skal du sige røv igen. Så vil de elske dig.
Poul Henningsen
Here are some ideas that grew out of being involved as coach/customer/supervisor in the department's course/project "Programming in groups" where eXtreme Programming is used as the development method.

The experience with short iterations providing quick, immediate feedback - combined with a past from Aalborg University where Kolb's learning cycle is held in high regard - provided the initial seed from which eXtreme Teaching grew.

The results and experience have so far resulted in the following publications

Someone else has actually been inspired by our thoughts and has tried out eXtreme Teaching:

Our writings about eXtreme Teaching have been referenced by (at least) these people:

I have also documented other thoughts I have had on pedagogy - related or not to eXtreme Teaching:

You may be interested in knowing more about how we use eXtreme Programming in our Software Engineering curriculum. Fortunately there are some papers describing that:

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