Görel Hedin, Lars Bendix, Boris Magnusson:
Teaching Extreme Programming to Large Groups of Students,
in Journal of Systems and Software, Volume 74, Issue 2, January 2005.

We find the extreme programming methodology highly suitable for introducing undergraduate students to software engineering. To be able to apply this methodology at a reasonable teaching cost for large student groups, we have developed two courses that work in tandem: a team programming course taken by more than 100 students, and a coaching course taken by around 25 students.

In this paper we describe our view of how extreme programming fits into the software engineering curriculum, our approach to teaching it, and our experiences, based on two years of running these courses. Particularly important aspects of our set up include team coaching (by older students), fixed working hours, and colocation during development.

Our experiences so far are very positive, and we see that students get a good basic understanding of the important concepts in software engineering, rooted in their own practical experience.

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