Topological Modelling for Human Augmented Mapping

Elin A. Topp and Henrik I. Christensen
Centre for Autonomous Systems Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Email: {topp,hic}


Service robots designed for domestic settings need to navigate in an environment that they have to share with their users. Thus, they have to be able to report their current state and whereabouts in a way that is comprehensible for the user. Pure metric maps do not usually correspond to the understanding of the environment a user would provide. Thus, the robotic map needs to be integrated with the human representation. This paper describes our framework of Human Augmented Mapping that allows us to achieve this integration.We propose further a method to specify and represent regions that relate to a user's view on the environment. We assume an interactive setup for the specification of regions and show the applicability of our method in terms of distinctiveness for space segmentation and in terms of localisation purposes.