Christos Levcopoulos, Dept. of Computer Science


For postal mail:
    Department of Computer Science
    Lund University
    Box 118
    S-221 00 Lund

For electronic mail (the address is not given explicitly to prevent spam):
     Write first "christos", followed by "@", followed by ""

Phone: (+46) 46 222 80 36
     or (at home) (+46) 46 15 73 81
Fax (the same number for the whole staff): (+46) 46 13 10 21

For visitors:
    Building E (sometimes called ED), Ole Römers väg 3,
    Since March 2012, in Room E:2186
(Click here to see where my room is.)

Algorithms and Data Structures, Computational Geometry, Sorting and Searching.

* An incomplete list of publications co-authored by Levcopoulos from the DBLP Bibliography Server. (If this site doesn't work, then you may try this link.)
Very recent publications and some older ones are not provided by that server.


Mainly courses on algorithms and data structures, including also computational geometry, approximation algorithms, randomized algorithms, etc.
Sometimes also courses in other topics, e.g., introductory courses in discrete mathematics and programming.