Real-Time Hair Simulation and Visualisation for Games

MSc Thesis
Lund University

Henrik Halén
Digital Illusions CE AB


Advisor: Tomas Akenine-Möller

Completed: 2007-02-19



This thesis evaluates, improves and develops methods for generating, simulating and rendering hair in real-time. The purpose is finding techniques which make use of recent hardware to present an as good as possible visual result while keeping performance at such a level that integration into a game scene is viable. The Kajiya-Kay and Marschner lighting models for hair are evaluated, including recent resource saving discretizations to the Marschner model. Two shadowing methods are adapted and investigated for the nature of hair and real-time applications, and one new method is presented as a lower quality and faster alternative for translucent occluders. For dynamics, two models are developed and an existing model for simulating trees is adapted. The implementation uses and takes into account the capabilities and limits of modern graphics hardware, including various techniques that greatly reduces the amount of data sent to the graphics card. The implementation also includes a Maya pipeline for modeling hair. The result is a state-of-the-art rendering and simulation of hair which suite both in-game and story driven environments.


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