PACKMAN: Texture Compression for Mobile Phones

Jacob Ström
Ericsson Research

Tomas Akenine-Möller
Lund University

SIGGRAPH 2005 Sketches Program, 2004.


We present a new lossy texture compression scheme, targeted for mobile devices, which compresses 2x4 pixel blocks into 32 bits.


Download pdf


Check out the much improved version of PACKMAN, called iPACKMAN.

Take a look at a proposal for an extremely simple hardware decompressor, and a comparison movie of non-compressed textures vs PACKMAN vs S3TC (the conclusion is that it is very hard to see any differences). Our SIGGRAPH sketch presentation is also available. There is also a set of animations that runs inside the presentation. Download these here (long versions) and the shorter versions if you prefer that. Note that you need to place the PPT-file in the same directory as the videos.