An Introduction to Language Processing with Perl and Prolog

by Pierre Nugues
First edition April 2006
Pages: 514
Published by Springer

Slides, Programs, and Links

Table of contents

^Chapter 1: An overview of language processing [pdf]

^Chapter 2: Corpus processing tools [pdf]

^Chapter 3: Encoding, entropy, and annotation schemes

^Chapter 4: Counting words

^Chapter 5: Words, parts of speech, and morphology

^Chapter 6: Part-of-speech tagging using rules

^Chapter 7: Part-of-speech tagging using stochastic techniques

^Chapter 8: Phrase-structure grammars in Prolog

^Chapter 9: Partial parsing

^Chapter 10: Syntactic formalisms

^Chapter 11: Parsing techniques

^Chapter 12: Semantics and predicate logic

^Chapter 13: Lexical semantics

^Chapter 14: Discourse

^Chapter 15: Dialogue

^Appendix A: An introduction to Prolog [pdf]

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