Lars Bendix:
How to introduce maturity in software change management, pdf
Technical Report, R-98-5012, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark, July 1998.

In this paper, we want to suggest a structure for analysing and measuring the Change Management capability of software development organisations. Although Change Management is one of the fundamental tasks of software development, it is still exercised with little discipline and rigor by both industry and academia.

With the aid of the proposed model is will be possible, in a structured way, to analyse an organisation to see how well it performs on each of the specific functions of Change Management. The model can also be used to design tools or plan methods for Change Management or even to teach its concepts in a gradual and structured way.

We discuss general principles for structuring the model into key areas and features and apply them to Change Management functions. Furthermore, we discuss the general guidelines for dividing the practice of the features into levels of increasing sophistication.

We then go on to apply these principles and guidelines and in turn describe each of the key areas: Configuration Control, Build Management, Version Control, Group Support, Accounting Management, Management Support. Finally, we discuss alternative ways of organising our model and indicate areas where future work has to be done to further develop and perfect the model.

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