Lars Bendix, Per Nygaard Larsen, Anders Ingemann Nielsen, Jesper Lai Søndergaard Petersen:
CoEd - A Tool for Cooperative Development of Hierarchical Documents, pdf
Technical report R-97-5012, Department of Computer Science, Aalborg University, Denmark, September 1997.

In this paper, we report on our experience from developing and using a tool to provide optimal support during cooperative development of hierarchical documents.
The main problem in cooperative work is to maintain an overview of how the document is evolving, and at the same time to maintain a complete version history. We extend traditional version control in the sense that we provide version control on both the entire structure of the document and its constituent parts. This enables us to establish natural baselines of the document that have actually existed, and furthermore our system is capable of manipulating directly the structure of the document while retaining complete version history.
CoEd consists of four browsers which show the configuration, version, hierarchy and text aspects of the document. We describe the analysis and considerations, which led us to the actual design and implementation of two prototypes of CoEd. Furthermore, we detail the experience we have gained from actually using these prototypes, compare our work with that of others, and try to generalise our results to the field of software development.

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