Klas Nilsson

Klas Working as an associate professor at the Department of Computer Science, I am involved in several research projects and I am teaching in Real-Time Programming. That is also the subject for my research which includes Robot Control Systems and related software technologies. I care about implementation and industrially relevant test cases. For instance, the Laboratory for Application Languages and the Real-Time Garbage Collector developed within our group have been used for programming and real-time control of industrial robots from ABB.  These robots that we use are available at the Dept. of Automatic Control , in the Robotics and Real-Time Laboratory which I take care of as part of ongoing research projects financed by ARTES and NUTEK.

My background is from Mechanical Engineering here at LTH  but with extra courses in mathematics, control theory, computer technology (hardware), and software technology (programming). Then I worked six years at  ABB Robotics Products  with development of motion control systems. Needing more control theory, I went back to Lund for graduate studies at the Dept. of Automatic Control . Taking a problem-oriented approach to improve the control of industrial robots, the research brought me more into the field of computer science. After finishing my Ph.D. thesis, I went back to ABB Robotics Products where I worked with new software principles for robot programming. Being settled in southern Sweden, however,  I am now back in Lund at the Department of Computer Science where I can be reached via...



Room 4131 (next to LUCAS room on 4th floor) in E-building, Ole Römers väg 3, Lund

Department of Computer Science,
Lund Institute of Technology,
P.O. Box 118, S-221 00  Lund, Sweden

Datavetenskap - LTH
Ole Römers väg 3
S-223 63  Lund, Sweden

+46-(0)46 222 43 04 (office), +46-(0)46 37 01 60 (home), +46-(0)705 36 50 15 (mobile),

+46-(0)46 13 10 21 (work)

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