Suggestion for exam question:  



Describe the four levels of requirements, goal- , domain-, product- and design-level.

Give one example of each.



Answer appraisal:


Goal-level   2p

This is a business goal, something that a company wants to achieve, often a gain in profit, cost reduction and efficiency. These requirements are specified by the customer.

Goals at this level can often be verified.


Domain-level  2p

These are goals describing how the product should work. They can specify requirements without specifying anything about the product features. They explain the purpose of the traditional product requirements. Goals at this level can often be verified.


Product-level  2p

Here goals concerning the actual functions and features in the product are derived. Every input ought to have an output. These goals are often easy to verify.


Design-level  2p

The appearance of the product and how it should react on user input.

Here we are a little uncertain of the extent of the answer.


Example 0.5 points each.