Project Mission: Mobi4 - Interface


Mobi4 Staff – Group H

Fredrik Berglund          ( )

Carl Johan Bergkvist     ( )

Sigurdur Birgisson         ( )

Jonas Danielsson          ( )

Pär Gregersson             ( )

Erik Karlsson               ( )

About us

Mobi4 is a new actor on the Swedish cellular operator market. As of today we already have a fully functioning network. Our ambitions are to provide our customers with total overview of their phone costs. The customers intended are companies that are aware of their expenses, and want to have full control of their staff.


It has been brought to our attention that there is a need for a cellular operator that is dedicated for the business market. This market has other needs than the regular customer. Companies want to have more knowledge of their expenses, preferably be able to check any information themselves. By providing the companies an interface where all information about any of their subscriptions is available, they are able to take control of their employees’ phone bills and take actions if too high.

Goals and ambitions

Our goal is to own 30% of the business cellular market within 5 years. We will achieve this through our new interface which is our main goal for attracting new customers. Through any web browser connected to the Internet, the customer should be able to log on to the system and administrate everything that the Customer Support does in any regular operator company. Through the savings with a minimum customer support department, we will offer better rates for the customers. The main goal for the companies would be full control of any phone calls made with company cell phones. Through the interface they should be able to browse any information about data or phone traffic and administrate what services should be allowed on any of the company handsets.

We do not have the time to develop this interface for ourselves; this is why we need for you to primarily develop a requirements specification, and if granted by us, develop the whole thing.

It’s a win-win situation; Less money routes generates more valuable money!