Project mission – Digital Wallet


In everyday life we constantly run into problems concerning the use of different magnetic cards. The use can be subdivided into several different areas but the most common features are payment and identification.

A solution combining all these magnetic cards into one entity, maintaining their well established capabilities, would relieve the burden of carrying this vast amount around and allow you to always have the feature you need at hand. Implementing this entity in the form of an application for use in a mobile communication device could ensure the security demanded as well as expand the potential of the solution.


The solution should:

  • Be connected to bank account or alternative billing service. ( i.e. credit card capabilities)
  • Support wireless approval of transactions.
  • Be able to replace all magnetic cards, in terms of and payment and services.
  • Be able to replace all means of identification such as ID-card and passport.
  • Provide at least the level of security found in current payment solutions.
  • Be platform independent, i.e. must work with all brands of mobile phones.
  • Be modifiable according to the needs of different vendors, allowing them to provide services such as:
    • Reservations of tickets
    • Book hotel rooms
    • Information on current offers

Our role

We are a group of daring and wealthy globetrotting investors, ready to risk good name and vast funds in order to make this project a reality. Within our group we have the technical expertise along with the market experience to make decisions about priorities and contents of the solution. However we do not have the time to make out the requirements for the solutions, that is what we expect you to do.


Group A

Lars Berglund
Erik Birgersson
Johan Garnolf
Johan Lasson
Per Lorin
Carl Ogard