Project Mission

Mathias Bruce (d01mbr)
Ola Bodin (d01ob)
Hans Gylling (e94hgy)
Paulina Rosenqvist (d01pro)
Katarzyna Szymkiewicz (c01ks)

About us

PirateRecords is a large record company interested in developing a new and innovative online music service. However, we do not have the expertise to develop the service ourselves. Therefore we need to sub-contract the requirements engineering work.


The rapid increase of copyrighted music being illegaly downloaded around the world during recent years has lead to a decrease in record sales. Legal actions against file sharers and file sharing networks have had little positive impact on our business. We are now trying to find new ways to reach our customers more easily and by providing a wide spectrum of online services, we hope to become the obvious choice of online music store.

Our goals and objectives

Our business goals are the following:

We believe these can be met by a website that enables our customers to have access to the following:

We look forward to tender proposals on how to create the new online music experience.