MAGIC (MAgnetic Generic Intelligent Card), all the cards you want but it will fit in one slot in your wallet.


In the world today all slots in the wallet are occupied by a huge amount of different cards, such as library, IKEA family, credit, debit and other membership cards. It is a big problem for the environment with the huge amount of oil that is used to make the plastic cards. Oil is today a finite resource and is rapidly becoming rare because of exhaustive use in different products.


As product owner, we would like to solve this problem by introducing a new revolutionary standard card, which hosts all the cards mentioned above and has the possibility to change the content dynamically. Our target group is widely spread in the ages and different personalities as well as gender.


To make it economical feasible, we need to have dynamic commercial logotypes available on the card. The companies are liable to pay compensation for this service. The size of the card should not exceed today’s standard credit card size, or twice its weight. We do not want the card to become a burden for the user, but as an aid in the daily living situation. Privacy concern is one of the major key stones in our company. The user should be able to deny access to certain kinds of data for the public terminals. The privacy of the user should be protected against any possible intrusion, because of today and tomorrow’s growing dangers in the world.


Government officials should be able to access the information on the card independent of the user access restriction, but the user should be notified. Rescue service should be able to localize the user through the card wherever it might be situated.


The card should be able to interact with new wireless access points as well as old slip terminals. When using a terminal to access the card it should be able for our company to charge the terminal owner for the transaction.


The goal of this project is to produce a multi function card, which hosts all the available cards in today’s wallets. The aim is that every line in the chain from suppliers, retailers to end user as well as government personnel shall be pleased. This will revolutionize the human behavior regarding the enormous amount of plastics in wallet.


Grupp A

Ulf Hergé

Joel Larsson

Oskar Landby

Christian Stolpe

Christer Wibom